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Inspired by Birmingham Brutalism

I was born in Birmingham and I feel proud to be a Brummie. Birmingham had the first indoor shopping centre in the UK; the Bullring. When it opened in 1964 its architecture was Brutalist, characterised by a blocky style and the use of rough, poured concrete. 1960s Brutalism gave Birmingham a reputation as a concrete jungle. TheContinue reading “Inspired by Birmingham Brutalism”

Totemic Garden Sculpture

For the past few months, I’ve been making ceramic animal and plant sculptures with holes through them, like giant beads. I’ve stacked them onto a copper pipe, fixed in the ground using a bird feeding station stabiliser stand. This has been a wonderful way of making a tall outdoor sculpture in smaller pieces. Here isContinue reading “Totemic Garden Sculpture”

Hanging Garden Sculpture

Clay is a wonderfully versatile and tactile material that can be used not only for pots but for all sorts of objects such as jewellery, sculpture and wall art. I’ve been making ceramic objects for over 20 years, in a very experimental way – I think of them as adventures in clay. Although I’ve exhibitedContinue reading “Hanging Garden Sculpture”

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